No flowers for medal winners in Rio

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Olympic medalists traditionally cradle flower bouquets as they hold up gold, silver or bronze medals from a tiered not this year in Brazil.

Instead, the world’s best gymnasts, runners, ping-pongers and trampolinists are clutching small 3-D sculptures of Rio's Olympics logo.

The switch from ephemeral flowers to long-lasting trinkets is a small part of the Olympic organizing committee’s bigger mission to limit the environmental damage from the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a Rio 2016 spokesperson told Mashable."

In the interest of sustainability and innovation, it was decided that flowers would not be awarded to medal winners at this Olympic Games," the spokesperson explained."

The flowers awarded are usually thrown away or, even if kept, would struggle to survive in the tropical Brazilian climate."

The spokesperson added that some flowers are still displayed on the stage to keep with Olympics tradition.

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