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The 9th Guangzhou Int’l Flowers, Bonsai & Garden Exhibition 2017 (GBGE2017)

Date: March 13th-15th, 2017Venue: Guangzhou International Sourcing Center ComplexWeb: 
March is the beginning of spring, the most suitable season for admiring the beauty of flowers in Guangzhou. Every March in Guangzhou, flowers are blooming like crazy, including flaming kapok, soft red Chinese rebud, magenta bougainvillea, rose pink sakura, sweet fragrant frangipane, golden trumpet-tree and many other unnamed blossoms. No wonder Guangzhou is given the name of Flower City. Attracted by its reputation, annually countless visitors come to Guangzhou for a peek of its beauty. However, their desire usually cannot be fully satisfied because there are too many famous spots for them to visit within very limited time.
But you can squeeze no more time ? Why not come to GBGE2017! It is a condensed version of Flower City, the best place for you to feast your eyes with flowers, as well as a wonderful place for business. 

  • Various Exhibits Delighting Your Eyes 

Blessed by the subtropical monsoon climate, Guangdong is a cultivation base for a very wide range of plants. Exhibitors from Guangdong alone can present you with a impressive variety of exhibits, not to mention exhibitors from other parts of China and the world. GBGE’s exhibits usually include fresh cut flowers, orchids, potted flowers, grass flowers, shade-requiring plants, cactus, seeds, container vegetables, seedlings, seed balls, etc. No matter where you go, your eyes will be filled with all sorts of colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, white, etc, and your nose with different fragrances: fresh, delicate, sweet, soft, rich, etc. If you are also in the mood to purchase some other supplies, GBGE can also satisfies your need. Garden supplies, such as dried flowers, artificial flowers, flowerpots, vases, artificial plants, garden tools, garden machinery, irrigation facilities, wooden houses, rockeries, sculptures, fences, outdoor furniture, etc, are also showcased on site.

  • An Annual Grand Event Celebrated by Insiders Home and Abroad

Supported by Guangdong Association of Landscape Architecture, the most authoritative landscape architecture association in Guangdong, GBGE has grown into the most influential exhibition for the flower and bonsai industry in China, attracting the attendance of many famous enterprises home and abroad, such as Zhengxin, Brighten Floriculture, Huatong, Youngplants, Mingxing, Lvjinyuan, Hua1 Zicai, Floseason, etc. Since GBGE is an excellent platform for enterprises to promote their brands and establish their images, exhibitors rack their brains trying to decorate their booth uniquely with the products that they are proud of. Some give you an illusion of a western fairy land and the others make you feel like you have accidental walked into a Chinese ink painting. Their booths are teaming with visitors such as dealers, retailers, wholesalers, agents, florists, media, professional buyers, trade groups, experts, people from construction departments, floral associations, hotels, media and other from more than 60 countries and regions, including Germany, Netherlands, Kenya, France, Russia, India, Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc, gather together under one roof to celebrate this annual grand event in laughter.

  • Concurrent Events Injecting Vitality Into GBGE2017

Get a little tired walking around the exhibition hall? Why not stop and watch the Flower Arrangement Contest? Tens of innovative and artistic flower arrangement works created by  masters will make their debuts in front of hundreds of audience. It will not only be a rest for your feet, but also a rest for your soul. If you are looking for inspiration for your gardening career, you can also come to GBGE New Varieties and Technical Exchange Meeting, which will be filled with the insight and wisdom of experts and professionals. What’s more, since GBGE2017 is one of the thematic show of the 9th China Landscape, Garden, Greening & Better Living Fair an, the 9th Guangzhou International Green Seeding Fair will also be held in the some complex, covering planting machinery, irrigation equipment, gardening hand tools, greenhouses and plastic shelter equipment, horticulture and garden application products, landscape planting, seedlings, pesticide, herbicide, etc.
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