World Biobanking Lisbon Summits


This premier B2B event will bring together experts from all levels of the of the value chain to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange; elaborate on the best practices within the companion industry as well as academia to discuss, hear and learn about their experiences on latest trends on companion development, to network and enjoy excellent mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions, speed networking and workshops.

It is an honor and privilege to invite you to participate in this Summit. We look forward to welcoming you at the Summit in Berlin upcoming June!

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

  • Insight on best-practices and latest innovative technologies on automotive plastics
  • Optimized process and cost reduction solutions
  • A road map for the future of automotive plastics
  • Improve characterization and predictive modelling of plastics
  • Composition, selection and manufacturing technology of automotive plastics
  • optimizing safety and lightweighting with automotive plastics 

Who should attend

Directors, VPs, Managers and Heads of:

  • R&D
  • R&D Controlling
  • R&D Cooperation
  • R&D Technology Innovation
  • Technology
  • New Technology
  • Technical
  • Automotive design
  • Automotive Architecture
  • Strategic Innovation Management
  • Open Innovation
  • Research Centre
  • Processing
  • Product
  • OEMs
  • Research Leaders - Research Associates
  • Components Supplier; Consultant
  • Automotive Design/Architecture
  • Material
  • Consultancies 
  • Project Controlling
  • Project Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Quality Management
  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Marketing / Strategic Marketing

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