Some Key Topics to be discussed

The latest trends, with an overview of the year and projections for the years to come in Next-Gen cable.

Future of TV - UHDTV, HBBTV, IPTV etc

Innovations and technological developments: Cable next-gen broadband, Gigabit and cloud-based video services,            DOCSIS IP,OTT, 4K/UHD video, and others

Next generation applications and how they will impact producers, traders and distributors around the world- A new access network architecture DAA

Next-gen Cable broadband in Telephony, FTTH, FTTP, LAN, WAN

Cable specifications and connectors- HFC, Coaxial, CAT(5,6&7)

Virtual Reality World

SDN/NFV, vCPE, WiFi, Fiber Deep

How the industry can prepare for the arrival of 5G and increasingly smart and connected lifestyles.

The economic outlook in the developing and developed world, addressing the many challenges and opportunities facing the industry, etc.


Industries Including:



    IT and Networking

    Broadcast Media

    Cable Television

    System Software Networking

    Electrical / Electronics

    Research & Development

    Solution Providers

    Cable Operators/Vendors.

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