Field Service Management Summit


By joining this summit of Curtis & Wyss Group, you will hear about developing the best recruitment and retention strategy, about the new regulation and impact on clinical trials, digitalization and e-recruitment, the site staff engagement, motivation of the patients, cooperation with the CRO and many other topics related to the patient recruitment and retention.

You will discuss and learn  about:

  • Driving customer-focused solutions to improve service delivery
  • Leveraging latest technical solutions and strategies to maximise agility and competitive advantage
  • Seamlessly integrating systems to drive operational efficiency gains and productivity
  • Realising the value of internal data to predict trends and fill gaps
  • Attracting and retaining talent in the global marketplace
  • Improving seamless integration and two-way sharing of data to effectively integrate hardware, software and technology.
  • Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:
  • Plenary Sessions with international keynote speakersand case studies on how to drive efficiency gains and costs savings with effective FSM
  • Exclusive VIP Discussion Evening (invitation only)
  • Identifying best practice in FSM design
  • Building effective mobility strategies with the latest technology and devices
  • Implementing effective scheduling and GPS and GIS systems
  • Improving enterprise asset management
  • Planning and delivery of long duration mobility projects
  • Developing, integration and deploying FSM solutions across multiple geographical sites
  •  Interactive workshop sessions to discuss key challenges in smaller groups of the overall delegations?

    Who should attend?

    Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads, Team Leaders and Managers of :

  • BusinessDevelopment;
  • Innovation Management
  • New Product Development
  • Product Management
  • R&D
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Academia

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